PLUMgrid at DockerCon 2016!

We are just a few days away from 2016’s DockerCon being held in Seattle, WA. The two and a half day Docker centric conference aims to cover different aspects of Docker networking covering use cases [...]

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[Blog Series: 4/4] Containers in the OpenStack world!

Containers have been part of OpenStack for a long time now but their deployment options and use-cases were limited, there are not much focus to bring production grade support and there were limitations in doing [...]

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[Blog Series: 3/4] Container networking models: navigating differences and similarities

Container Networking With every container solution, some networking implementation was introduced and not long after, container ecosystem ended up having way too many networking implementations without any standards and unfortunately, most of them were very [...]

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[Blog Series: 2/4] Container Orchestration: From Deployment to Management

Container Orchestration When multi-container applications across multiple hosts have to be deployed, we need more than just the base technology to make it consumable. Container orchestration has multiple responsibilities; from deployment, to management, scaling and [...]

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Building Your Private Cloud with PLUMgrid and Rackspace

One of the most important — and also most complex — components of any private cloud is networking. Not only must the networking infrastructure be able to scale as the cloud grows, it must do [...]

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[Blog Series: 1/4] Introduction to Containers: A Developer’s View of the Containers Ecosystem

The container ecosystem is growing so fast that it’s hardly surprising to see advancement and introduction of new technologies in this space. While some areas and tools have significantly matured recently, others are trying to [...]

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