PLUMgrid CloudApex is a SDN visualization and monitoring platform that works in conjunction with PLUMgrid ONS to display real-time status of physical and virtual resources in OpenStack and Container clouds.

PLUMgrid CloudApex speeds up network deployment, simplifies everyday operations at scale and minimizes production downtime.

Affinity-based GUI

Intelligent correlation of virtual and physical resources

PLUMgrid CloudApex


Security Visualization

Monitor and visualize security flows in real time

Cloud-wide Search

Search across virtual resources, physical resources, real-time logs

PLUMgrid CloudApex

PLUMgrid CloudApex

Self-organizing Health Status

Data self-organizes to present alerts and warnings

Real-time Heatmap

Real-time health status of cloud resources, overlay tunnels and tenant virtual topologies

PLUMgrid CloudApex

PLUMgrid CloudApex

Advanced Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the environment with a rich set of tools at the virtual and physical resources layer

Test Drive PLUMgrid ONS and CloudApex

Test Drive