SDN Visionaries: PLUMgrid Founders

Founded in 2011, by experts in networking, security, and scalable systems PLUMgrid is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and has sales and development offices around the world. PLUMgrid is backed by US Venture Partner, Hummer Winblad, Longworth Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and Swisscom Ventures. From the beginning PLUMgrid strived to reenvision how the IO infrastructure of the data center. The focus is on networking complexities of the cloud world and how to simplify the creation of applications without relying on operations teams to deliver complex changes in the infrastructure.

What’s in a Name

The name PLUMgrid comes from our primary focus of solving the problem of plumbing computer in the data center, which deals with packets. When working with packets there are four primitives that implement on the packet: Parse the packet, Lookup internal state, Update the packet, Modify the packet and then release. This forms the acronym PLUM and a grid of PLUM together forms a data center, hence PLUMgrid.

What We Do

PLUMgrid makes cloud infrastructure simple and secure. For organizations building private and public cloud, PLUMgrid provides multi-tenancy, security, scale and performance for their cloud’s virtual network infrastructure. Through automation, ease-of-use and agility, we make complex and large-scale production clouds possible.

Product and Services

The PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite for OpenStack helps customers achieve operational efficiencies in building and managing their cloud.  PLUMgrid provides secure, multi-tenant cloud environments with the most advanced networking functions and the highest performance in the industry. For cloud operators with large multi-vendor network and hypervisor environments,  PLUMgrid provides a unique software-only solution to easily and quickly build private virtual networks – called Virtual Domains.

A Virtual Domain provides complete isolation and control for its tenant. User of Virtual Domain can create new networks, change its configuration or add new networking services on-demand, without affecting other Virtual Domains or the physical network. This can be done using a secure self-service web-interface or programmatically through PLUMgrid’s open and extensive API. Unique distributed architecture of PLUMgrid Platform and Virtual Domain provides industry’s leading performance, scale and ease of use.

Use Cases

PLUMgrid provides the most advanced and secure virtual network infrastructure for OpenStack based private and public clouds. It is designed and suitable for both large and small size networks. Typical use cases of PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack include large, multi-tenant, automated and security sensitive cloud infrastructures, such as Communications as a Service (CaaS)Platform as a Service (PaaS), E-Commerce, Media and Entertainment Cloud, etc.

Stay Connected

To stay connected with the latest on the company follow us on Twitter @PLUMgrid.