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At PLUMgrid we believe in infinite opportunity. We believe in matching our passion, intellect and determination to transform the landscape of technology.

Does this resonate with you?


Imagine experiencing the excitement and satisfaction of maximizing the impact you will create by building a business that transforms an industry.

Imagine collaborating with the smartest of colleagues, developing the most innovative technology and building the most advanced technology products.

YOUR Career at PLUMgrid

Joining us to bring your career aspirations to PLUMgrid will be a pivotal decision in your life. We know that. We live that. We honor that. We know this is a tremendous investment for you. Our investment will be mutual.


You know you have unique experiences and expertise. We believe you can bring them to PLUMgrid for a rewarding career and lifestyle that will surprise you with its breadth, depth and potential.

You will have the confidence that the world’s largest and most innovative companies want to be your customers.

You will be instrumental in making this happen…

… and your Family

We have all the benefit features appropriate for a company at our stage of development, plus a bit more.

Part of the great adventure of joining a Silicon Valley start-up is the opportunity for stakeholder equity. Professional AND Personal ROI. Participating in the PLUMgrid journey offers you shareholder options and the potential for financial upside that comes with great accomplishment.

Of course we have top tier healthcare, and we are implementing a 401(k) program.

We want you to be confident that we will create as secure environment as possible while we benefit from your energy, intellect and expertise.

The PLUMgrid Team

All PLUMgrid team members are proactive team players, respectful of our colleagues and customers. We have the embedded understanding that individual success comes only from team success — and team success is a product of PLUMgrid customer success.

Culture of Respect

We’re building PLUMgrid to be a company like no other. Yes, we’re building a company that will build software products with compelling innovation. But that doesn’t matter unless we build a culture of respect. And that means respect in every way possible. We respect ourselves as individuals, we respect our colleagues as individuals, we respect our customers, and we respect our service providers. We respect our team.



“I wanted to be part of the team that will change network history forever. To have management that is not accepting the status quo, while being courageous in defining new paradigms in computing. This is team PLUMgrid.”

– Solutions Architect


Powerful Transformation

“It is humbling to have the opportunity to actually build technology that others can only talk about. This is very powerful.”

– Network Applications Engineer


Passion and Commitment

“I am happy to come to work and be involved in interesting and challenging problems, be around people that share the same passion towards our work, goals and vision.”

NOTE: All unsolicited resumes sent to PLUMgrid and our team will be considered property of PLUMgrid. No fees will be paid to third parties without an executed agreement in place.