Today we’re announcing that we will be starting a new journey as we continue revolutionizing and transforming the networking industry to build and expand on software-defined infrastructure for private and public clouds. Our technology and IP have been acquired, and many of our employees have joined a new team.

We wanted to take this moment to share the accomplishments of an amazing team. Founded in 2011, PLUMgrid pioneered the concept of providing programmability and extensibility in the data plane by introducing the notion of an IO processor with the canonical operations of Parse, Lookup, Update, and Modify and distributing them in software defined data centers to provide network virtualization, network automation and security across a grid of programmable, intelligent data paths for cloud-based applications. Our company built and delivered a platform-based SDN architecture designed to provide network virtualization, network automation and security across any hypervisor, any container, any device, and any hardware.

With products such as Open Networking Suite, Container Networking Suite, CloudApex, and CloudSecure, we delivered more than 10 major releases, contributed to multiple open source projects, and helped over a hundred companies with their SDN projects around the world. We also transformed the Linux kernel by upstreaming extended BPF and XDP (eXpress Data Plane) and jump started the IO Visor Project, a vibrant open source community that is very dear to our hearts. The progress we’ve made could not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and support of our incredible employees. We thank our founders, Awais, Pere, and Sushil, whose vision, passion, and grit led the way for countless users who realized that networks are not just plumbing after all.

We also want to extend a warm thank you to our customers and partners who supported PLUMgrid throughout the years. Your support has meant the world to us, and your feedback always made us a better company. Through our journey, we were fortunate to have met and worked with many talented, creative open source communities that are so vital in the cloud industry. Our developers who actively participated and contributed to various open source communities remain very passionate and dedicated to open source and we are grateful to continue our commitment.

Last but not least, we want to thank our investors who guided our journey and provided invaluable input to the team over the years.

It’s an exciting time for networking and the industry is just at the tip of its transformation. We are excited to begin a new journey and fulfill the vision of network transformation.

On behalf of everyone at PLUMgrid, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you and we look forward to having you join us on our next journey to make new discoveries, break barriers, and invent new technologies that make the impossible, possible.