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Try OpenStack networking and Visualization with PLUMgrid ONS and CloudApex in a public cloud or on your laptop.
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Take a virtual test drive for OpenStack network with PLUMgird ONS and CloudApex in a PLUMgrid hosted virtual environment.
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Test Drive PLUMgrid ONS and CloudApex for OpenStack in the comfort of your data center or lab environment.
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PLUMgrid Ignition FAQs

After submitting the PLUMgrid Ignition request form, we’ll contact you within 48 business hours to schedule your test drive according to your selection of Sandbox, Hosted or Onsite.
The amount of configuration depends on the type of PLUMgrid Ignition you select.  In general, the PLUMgrid Ignition Sandbox doesn’t require any OpenStack Configuration. On the other hand, the PLUMgrid Ignition Hosted and Onsite options require some OpenStack configuration depending on your OpenStack distro and the use case being tested.
Some basic knowledge about networking and OpenStack is recommended, but not required. If you have networking certification from one of the “big guys” or have worked on an OpenStack project, that is an added advantage. We will provide you with links to quick videos and simple to read documents to better prepare you before you start your test drive. If you like reading car manual, we can share our user deployment guides too.

For in-depth queries, visit PLUMgrid Iginition FAQ page here.