What’s New in PLUMgrid ONS 6.0

PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS) 6.0 helps enterprises and service providers operationalize their OpenStack and Container cloud’s SDN deployments.

Designed to deliver advanced SDN services that meet production requirements of OpenStack clouds, ONS 6.0 delivers a rich set of new features and tools to simplify deployments and increase operational efficiency. Check out the ONS data sheet here.

PLUMgrid ONS has added support for Project Kuryr, mesos, kubernetes. Together, ONS and Project Kuryr enable OpenStack cloud builders to deploy container, virtual machine, and bare metal in virtual domains. To find out more, follow the link.

ONS 6.0 introduces gateway support for Cisco Nexus 9000 Series. Through VXLAN Tunnel End Point (VTEP) integration, PLUMgrid delivers unified physical and virtual network infrastructure with simple drag and drop configuration. Explore more by reading our white paper on VTEP.
With ONS 6.0, enterprises can leverage CloudApex, PLUMgrid’s real-time SDN visualization and monitoring platform featuring affinity-based GUI, cloud-wide search, and real-time heat map.PLUMgrid ONS 6.0 introduces a number of smart wizards that check system and connectivity status to ensure workloads and applications have unhindered reachability and access to resources. To learn more, here’s the CloudApex data sheet and a white paper on PLUMgrid Toolbox.

Secure Cloud Networks for OpenStack and Containers

Building the virtual network infrastructure for OpenStack clouds is hard. Operating and securing them is even harder. This is the reason why we built PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS), a comprehensive software-only networking solution with a rich set of capabilities to help jumpstart your OpenStack cloud.


Built on PLUMgrid Platform® and IO Visor® technology, the software suite significantly reduces the deployment time of OpenStack clouds and enables users to create private Virtual Domains for applications and projects. Also included are a rich set of distributed virtual network functions, plus security capabilities such as encryption, which provide the network services and scale required for today’s cloud applications. Learn More. The distributed architecture can scale to multi-rack or geographically distributed OpenStack deployments while the high availability features ensure maximum service uptime while minimizing downtime during maintenance windows. The product suite also simplifies ongoing operations with built-in monitoring, analytics and troubleshooting tools. By providing a comprehensive suite of capabilities, PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack overcomes the scale, availability, feature set and lifecycle limitations of OpenStack Networking.


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