Interconnecting Physical and Virtual Workloads with Hardware Gateways

There has been a recent trend towards the use of software based overlay networks especially in large-scale cloud environments due to the level of flexibility and dynamic capabilities that this new component brings. In the context of overlay networks, the concept of Gateway is critical for all outward communication and interaction of the overlay network with any existing legacy network component.

PLUMgrid Zone

In PLUMgrid’s deployments, a Gateway allows communication outside of the defined PLUMgrid Zone and enables on-boarding of physical workloads on to a Virtual Domain. This is the reason the Gateway component is of critical importance and is vital for an effective deployment of the overlay network.

The Use of VXLAN

VXLAN is a technology often used by overlay network solutions. As an overlay technology VXLAN encapsulates MAC frames into a UDP header. This encapsulation allows communication between two tunnel endpoints, also known as Virtual Tunnel End Points (VTEP) over a shared physical networking infrastructure (PNI),completing isolating traffic that belongs to different tenants. In an overlay network VTEPs encapsulate the virtual machine or physical workloads traffic in a VXLAN header coupled with the original layer 2 packet as depicted in the picture below.

VXLAN Packet Header

PLUMgrid ONS and Hardware Gateway Integration

With businesses requiring overlay solutions to integrate with their existing workloads, PLUMgrid ONS supports this fundamental need by integrating cohesively with popular gateway hardware equipment, such as Cisco and Cumulus. PLUMgrid ONS was developed as an adaptable solution based on specific requirements of a customer. We therefore provide integration with dedicated hardware switches such as Cisco and Cumulus that support VTEP termination. With PLUMgrid APIs, onboarding of other hardware VTEP solution is simple, easy and fast.

To learn more about how PLUMgrid ONS integrates with hardware gateway, download the White Paper.


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