PLUMgrid ONS and Mirantis OpenStack
Solution For Your Data Center

PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS) with Mirantis OpenStack® delivers a pure-play turn-key OpenStack-based solution ready to be deployed in your private and public cloud environments. The joint solution is the most flexible, certified, and commercially supported available on the market and can scale from 10s to 1000s nodes as you grow your business based on OpenStack and containers infrastructure.


Key Features

PLUMgrid ONS + Mirantis OpenStack

By combining PLUMgrid ONS and Mirantis OpenStack, you can create self-service scale-out clouds to support modern application workloads that thrive on virtualized infrastructure running on commodity hardware.


PLUMgrid + Mirantis Pure-play OpenStack Solution

  • Pure-play OpenStack Deployment: You choose your stack.
  • 3rd Party Ecosystem: You choose the partners.
  • Ease of Deployment & Operations: You take control.

Test Drive PLUMgrid ONS and CloudApex

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