Minimize Attack Surface Today
Protect Microservices and Workloads

Traditional perimeter security provides limited protection. With ephemeral infrastructure and changing traffic patterns, security needs to be distributed with analytics and visualization tools. PLUMgrid CloudSecure is a comprehensive security solution designed to protect large-scale OpenStack and Container deployments.


Key Features

CloudSecure, Security at the Forefront

Built on multiple security layers, CloudSecure protects deployments in the presence of ephemeral infrastructure and heavy East-West traffic patterns.


Secure Your Open Infrastructure

Learn how to balance needs of security and scale for an elastic cloud in this talk by industry experts.

Hardening Security for
OpenStack Clouds

From micro-segmentation to firewall insertion, learn how PLUMgrid provides a comprehensive set of security for any container or OpenStack deployments.

Operationalize and Visualize Security with CloudApex

CloudApex is designed to help cloud operators and administrators throughout the entire lifecycle of a cloud.

CloudApex Data sheet
PLUMgrid Toolbox

Firewall Service Insertion

Add any firewall or virtualized security service through PLUMgrid’s Service Insertion Architecture.

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