Highly Available, Fault Tolerant Virtual Network Infrastructure

High availability has been termed as the Achilles’ heel of cloud data centers. A recent survey by the OpenStack foundation suggests that almost 75% of data centers currently run with a single point of failure. This survey indicates that there is a very high level of failure risk involved and businesses lose valuable time and capital during downtime directly impacting their operations.

Transformation From PNI to VNI

Physical Networking Infrastructure (PNI) consists of hardware boxes in the form of physical routers and switches. We are now seeing a transformation where L2, L3 and L4 networking functions are being decoupled from the underlying PNI and are moving towards virtual networking.High availability is a critical factor that contributes directly towards the effective operation of a cloud centric data center.

High Availability

Key Features

PLUMgrid ONS: Supports Highly Available Networks

PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS) for OpenStack was built with the ability to scale and support high availability across the PLUMgrid Platform.

High Availability

Must Haves for High Availability of OpenStack Networks

This webinar features tales from the front line by OpenStack industry experts about must haves for high availability of OpenStack networks.

Test Drive PLUMgrid ONS and CloudApex

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