Multi-Hypervisor Environment In a Single Network Domain

A multi-hypervisor environment allows organizations to run different workloads based on business requirements. As it stands, multi-hypervisor environments require a hardware centric approach which in-turn reduces the overall flexibility and scalability of the setup.

The PLUMgrid ONS takes into consideration the need for a solution that is able to operate flexibly in a multi-hypervisor environment. Therefore, the platform supports a networking solution that allows businesses to utilize a single network domain for each application operating in a multi-hypervisor environment.

Multi Hypervisor

Easier Virtual Networking for Multi-Hypervisor Environment

In this demo video, you will learn how the PLUMgrid solution is able to effectively manage a multi-hypervisor environment through a single Virtual Domain

Multi-Hypervisor in PLUMgrid Platform

By combining the PLUMgrid Platform® and the IO Visor® a secure, flexible and cost effective setup in a multi-hypervisor environment can be achieved.

Test Drive PLUMgrid ONS and CloudApex

Test Drive