PLUMgrid Platform Service Insertion Architecture

The PLUMgrid Platform Service Insertion Architecture realizes SDN’s promise of vendor-independent network agility with seamless insertion of 3rd party network services. Insertion of 3rd-party services on a ‘case-by-case’ basis is becoming increasingly impractical. Service insertion needs to be supported at an architectural level in a production-grade virtual networking product.
An effective Service Insertion Architecture (SIA) is expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Small hypervisor footprint
  • Hypervisor and CMS agnostic
  • Automated deployment, management and monitoring
  • Highly Available

The PLUMgrid Platform Service Insertion Architecture satisfies these requirements building on top of three architectural pillars:

  • Docker-based containerization of 3rd-party network services
  • Automation
  • High Availability

Docker-based containerization

With docker-based containerization of 3rd-party network services, the PLUMgrid Service Insertion Architecture ensures that services will be deployed within the hypervisor with the minimal footprints while maintaining full resources & processes isolation. The other key benefit is that Docker-based containerization makes the entire deployment process completely agnostic of the hypervisor as well as the Cloud Management System layer making the PLUMgrid Service Insertion Architecture portable and usable across legacy (ESX) as well as new (KVM) buildouts. Learn More.


The use of docker-based containerization coupled with the automation primitives that are built into the PLUMgrid Platform brings the ability to automate the full lifecycle of the PLUMgrid Platform as well as all third party components. On top of this, PLUMgrid has built the comprehensive PLUMgrid Life Cycle Manager (LCM) making automation of deployment, configuration and monitoring of PLUMgrid components as well as 3rd party services very simple.

High Availability

Last but not least, high availability is a mandatory requirement for any large-scale cloud solution. With the ability to automatically detect and recover from process-, docker-, hypervisor-, and server-level crashes, the PLUMgrid Platform can replay and restart services based on the stored service-level configurations.

The PLUMgrid Platform has been integrated with a large number of commercial 3rd party L4-7 Network Services as well as with a portfolio of open source networking functions including OpenContrail, Quagga, Bird and pfSense®.


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