Unleashing the Network for Cloud Services

Cloud is transforming all industries and enabling new business speed like never before. With digitization of everything, businesses are moving rapidly to innovate, deploy, and transition applications and workloads to the cloud. To simplify this journey, PLUMgrid is providing secure and scalable virtual networking solutions that meet the new demands of agile businesses everywhere.

Case Studies

PLUMgrid has built various competitive cloud solutions. We have provided right virtual networking solution and also integrated it with other ecosystem partners.

NTT SmartConnect

PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack provided NTT SmartConnect a fully distributed architecture that is built for scale, while ensuring performance and lowest latency.

Interactive Intelligence

PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack has enabled Interactive Intelligence to create a scalable and agile SDN solution to expand their cloud offering to all their datacenters for customers worldwide.


PLUMgrid helped Swisscom build competitive cloud solutions by providing right SDN solution and integrating it with other ecosystem partners.

PLUMgrid ONS Scale-out Report

OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC) provided PLUMgrid with a 131-node cluster for performing scale-out testing over a period of 3 weeks.


To fulfil the dynamic needs of today’s businesses, service providers are deploying cloud services solutions. With Anything as a Service (XaaS) now, wide domain of service providers promise rapid provisioning of new applications and services in real time.

Communication as a Service

Contact centers increasingly need rapid provisioning of new applications, services, and capacity to meet the accelerating pace of business today. To fulfill the need, unified communications and collaboration solution providers are deploying Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) to deliver on demand elasticity and applications for contact centers.

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS providers offer a pay-as-you-go environment for the development and delivery of applications based on a customer’s preferred operating system and development tools. IaaS is a very competitive business. Providers need to ensure that they are getting the maximum usage of their physical and virtual infrastructure to support ongoing profitability.

Hadoop as a Service

Hadoop is an open source software tool set which facilitates analysis of large or unstructured data sets. Hadoop allows multiple analyses by different users simultaneously. This gives customers the ability to use the same data in multiple ways at the same time.

Container as a Service

Containers provide virtualized environments in which packaged processes and resources can run as separate programs on a shared environment. Container as a Service offers secure and reliable cloud operations, so companies can spend less on infrastructure and create new applications faster.

Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivers a multi-tenant cloud environment for developers to build and test applications with ready-to-use infrastructure and services. PaaS cloud services offer a complete set of resources for diverse development environments. PaaS delivers the benefits of faster application development, cost management and scale for developers and scrum teams.

Telecommunications & Media

Media & Communication industry has an ever growing pool of users which expect an uninterrupted supply of content and communication services. Industry is catering for this 24X7 high bandwidth demand by deploying their network infrastructure on cloud.


Traditional hosting companies who have successfully supported customers with IPv4 now look to IPv6 as a way to expand business and maintain existing customers. The virtualized infrastructure needs to scale for IPv4 and IPv6 applications in order for providers to achieve maximum benefits from their infrastructure costs.

Container as a Service

Containers provide virtualized environments in which packaged processes and resources can run as separate programs on a shared environment. Container as a Service offers secure and reliable cloud operations, so companies can spend less on infrastructure and create new applications faster.


Content delivery for live events and programs is a rapidly growing segment of the entertainment industry. Users want access to sports events, news and entertainment programming on demand. Media service providers grow revenue within their subscriber base and enroll new subscribers by increasing their portfolio of programs with high quality delivery.

Financial Services

Financial services is a continuum of fast transactions and secure financial operations. To ensure certainity and accuracy in it, financial service providers are deploying cloud networking solution which is rapid, secure and scaleable.

Financial Services

Financial services companies need to continually create and deploy new services for end user customers. These can be loan, credit, mortgage or investment services. Financial services companies benefit from cloud applications and deployments which allow them to quickly develop and deploy new applications which scale on demand.

Heath & Public Sector

Health and Government infrastructures at local and state level need to rapidly develop and deploy new applications. A virtualized network infrastructure enable highly diverse applications along with maintaining security and scarcity of sensitive information.


IT departments for Pharma and Life Sciences companies need to be able to quickly develop and deploy new applications for internal and customer use. Applications need to scale on demand once they are in deployment. Depending on the application, privacy and security are also a key concern.


Government agencies at the local, state, and federal level need to rapidly develop and deploy new applications for their constituents that are timely, cost effective, and secure. Using open architectures and virtualization, governments can move their applications and development resources on separate infrastructure or in separate data centers into a fewer number of facilities.


eCommerce has enabled the user to shop from any part of world with basic internet connectivity. Thus, resulting in enormous traffic load on online stores and scalability issues. To deal with it, companies are adopting the smarter solution of cloud networking services.


eCommerce is changing the retail industry with more transactions closed on-line than ever before. An on-line web site is table stakes in today’s 24×7 business. eCommerce helps retailers expand reach and increase revenue, with potential buyers from all over the world.

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