Implementing an Application Cloud at Swisscom

Swisscom has a long history of providing network services to consumers and enterprises in Switzerland, but more recently has deployed cloud technology to allow it to become more agile and meet changing customer demand. This led the company to select Red Hat’s OpenStack as the foundation of its PaaS architecture and PLUMgrid ONS as its underlying SDN solution. This white paper:

  • Discusses how and why Swisscom created a cloud strategy to support its customers and its own internal development needs. It also presents the benefits Swisscom hoped to achieve and the strategic design requirements for the cloud platforms.
  • Describes the goals of Swisscom’s Elastic Cloud Architecture, details the hardware and software stacks and network design for physical and virtual environments, and describes Swisscom’s approach to application design.
  • Highlights some of the business outcomes that Swisscom achieved after deploying its Elastic Cloud Architecture.
  • Presents some of the lessons that Swisscom learned while implementing its Elastic Cloud Architecture, including insights gained from working with OpenStack, implementing DevOps and the challenges of changing the culture of application development across the organization.

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Prepared by:

Roz Roseboro

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